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  • What’s up with turtles in Kelowna? (
    Western Painted Turtle from Kelowna, BC on June 05, 2023 at 10:57 AM · iNaturalist “Western Painted Turtles have recently gained attention in Kelowna due to various issues affecting their population.” Read the full article […]
  • Another Kelowna painted turtle-snatching incident prompts warning to leave species be (
    “The Conservation Officer Service is again reminding the public that like most native wildlife species in British Columbia, the western painted turtle is protected against harassment, killing or possession under the provincial Wildlife Act…” Read […]
  • Slow down for turtles (
    “Keep your eyes peeled if you’re driving anywhere near a pond or wetland, especially this time of year. It’s turtle nesting season, and the Western Painted Turtle is at risk not just from loss of habitat, […]
  • The (turtle) battle of Mill Lake (
    “Two types of turtles call Mill Lake Park in Abbotsford home. One belongs there, and one does not. The western painted turtle is BC’s only native freshwater turtle. Seven or eight of them live in […]
  • PE Mysis Premium Fish Food
    We feed our turtles PE Mysis and they love it! It is good to give your pet turtle a varied diet and PE Mysis is a nutritional treat they will enjoy. Piscine Energetics harvests Mysis […]
  • Turtles of the Okanagan – How to Identify
    There are two species of turtle with populations in the Okanagan Valley. Western Painted Turtles (Chrysemys picta bellii) Status in the Okanagan Indigenous At Risk Special Concern (Blue List) How to Identify Yellow stripes on […]