Turtles Like Fish Food Too!

PE Mysis Premium Fish Food

Mysis Shrimp were introduced to Okanagan Lake in 1966 to help feed the Kokanee Salmon. However instead of being a food source for the Kokanee, they became invasive and now they compete with the Kokanee for food. The Mysis swim down to the bottom of the lake during the day and hide from the Kokanee, then they swim up to the surface at night to feed on the same zooplankton which are also eaten by the Kokanee. Piscine Energetics harvests the Mysis from the lake during the night and sells it as fish food for aquarium fish.

We feed our turtles PE Mysis and they love it!

It is good to give your pet turtle a varied diet and PE Mysis is a nutritional treat they will enjoy. At the same time you can help the environment by supporting the removal of invasive Mysis Shrimp from Okanagan Lake. PE Mysis is a premium fish food and it comes in frozen packs or as pellets or flakes. You can purchase PE Mysis at the Purple Seahorse Pet Store in Kelowna or at other participating retailers.

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